At Aceites De las Heras we feel a great responsibility towards our workers, indispensable parts in the running of our company, also towards the region that has seen us grow since we began at the end of the 19th century and also towards our environment, which provides us with the raw materials with which we make our products. To this end, we have implemented a catalogue of measures in seven thematic areas in order to meet our commitment to our human, social and ecological capital.


We firmly believe in equality between men and women. To this end, we have plans that implement and promote measures that have an impact on equal pay for both sexes, guaranteeing equal treatment and equal opportunities.


Our anti-harassment protocol underlines our commitment to prevent and act against sexual harassment and harassment based on sex in any of its manifestations. We inform of its application to all personnel who provide services in the company, whether they are our own personnel or from other companies, including people who, not having an employment relationship, provide services or collaborate with the organisation, such as trainees or those who carry out non-labour practices.


We prioritise the selection of local suppliers and employees, promoting the generation of positive impacts in the area. In this way we help to create local employment, promote local and Kilometre 0 products and, in short, to generate wealth in this wonderful region where we have been operating since 1885.


Although the production of oils of different varieties is a traditional process but supported by the latest technology tools, the company’s activity generates cardboard, plastic and glass waste. This waste is separated and deposited in recycling containers.


We are committed to the continuous training of the team, regardless of the department in which they work.


We currently maintain partnerships with a number of local organisations through donation programmes.