Our company is situated in the town of Utiel , approximately 70 kilometres inland from Valencia.

We have a storage capacity of 500.000 litres of bottled & packaged oil and a further 500.000 litres can be stored in bulk tanks. Our companies uses the most advanced technology.

Our continued need to offer the highest quality has lead us to constantly improve, update an innovate our work. All of these improvements have been focused on improving and modernising our bottling lines and packaging methods, which we feel are paramount to the image of the final product.



Oil tanks and bottling plant:

Our warehouse:

Bottling plant:

This slider of photographs shows the entire process of the oil bottling plant: filling, cap placement, labeling, box insertion and palletizing.

  • Planta de embotellado - Aceites de las Heras
  • Aceites de las Heras - Planta de embotellado - Llenado
  • Planta de embotellado y etiquetado - Aceites de las Heras
  • Embotellado Aceites de las Heras
  • Proceso de etiquetado - Aceites de las Heras
  • Etiquetado - Aceites de las Heras
  • Planta de embotellado