EVOO gourmet edition from Olimedi

aceites gourmet olimedi

In our gourmet family of Olimedi EVOO you have the following varieties available: organic, serrana and arbequina. All of them obtained in the first cold pressing for a perfect balance of aromas and flavors. They are presented in an elegant 0.5 l container and available to you in our online store.

Our Organic Olimedi EVOO: an excellent blend of varieties from organic crops with EU certification. Intense fruity, hints of fresh grass, with tomato aftertastes and a medium intensity of bitter and spicy.

Olimedi Serrana variety EVOO: obtained from the first pressing, 100% natural and with a perfect balance of aromas and flavors. Ripe olive fruitiness with the presence of ripe red fruits, such as strawberry, raspberry and blueberry.

And finally, our Olimedi Arbequina variety EVOO: from the Mediterranean, in which the presence of fruits, especially apple and banana, stands out. Green fruity with light almond aftertastes, sweet and slightly spicy.

Enjoy all the benefits of EVOO consumption and the positive impact it has on our health.

Give them a try!


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