SINCE 1885

Aceites De las Heras was founded in 1885. Today, after more than 135 years, the fourth generation of the family continues with the same values and philosophy as in the past. The search for excellence has been and continues to be the guide throughout its history. We select the best raw materials to obtain an excellent product to satisfy our customers.

Since my grandfather, Adolfo de las Heras Arriaga, founded the company in 1885, more than 100 years have passed I still remember that we used to receive the oil in very small quantities in
lamb skins prepared for this purpose. It is wonderful to have witnessed all the evolution of our company and to be able to see now how far we have managed to reach with great effort and a lot of hard work and dedication. It has definitely been worth it

Adolfo De las Heras Marín

Grandson of the founder of Aceites De las Heras


Our constant concern to offer the highest quality has led us to introduce continuous improvements and innovations for the modernization of the olive oil production and packaging process.

In 2016 we inaugurated the new facilities, which cover an area of 8,500 m2, and in 2021 the mill was expanded. We have a bulk storage capacity of over 600 tons, five packaging lines – one dedicated solely to organic olive oil – and a warehouse for 900 pallets of stock.


In 2021 we decided to expand, and the mill was inaugurated, we now have a production capacity of more than 2 million litres of extra virgin olive oil per year.

A traditional process adapted to the latest technology. The oil is extracted through a series of processes: washing the olives, crushing (the olives are cold pressed to obtain a paste that facilitates the release of the oil), beating the mass and, finally, centrifuging to unite the oil particles and obtain a 100% natural oil.


We have implemented the highest quality standards in all our processes

These cover everything from the reception of the raw material at the mill to the delivery of the final product to the customer. This is why we have the internationally recognized IFS Food Higher Level certification, which guarantees the quality of our products.


Our corporate values: quality, sustainability, integrity, and service.

One of the main objectives of Aceites de las Heras is to maintain the best quality in all our products. The company is certified by the IFS Food standard. Equally important is the integrity of  our relationships with our customers, collaborators, and employees. We value teamwork and initiatives that can improve the company, its results and the service to our customers.


Exporting is a fundamental cornerstone of our business strategy, and since 2014 we have been allocating resources to opening up new markets.

We currently export to more than 25 countries and we are proud to see that in some of them our brands are among the top 10 best sellers. We analyse the complexity of each market in order to design, together with the client, the most appropriate strategy that provides differential value. We stand out for our flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of our customers; we produce customized blends, and we have extensive experience in the development of private labels.


Adolfo de las heras Marín

Adolfo de las heras

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