Aceites de las Heras
olive oil
sunflower oil
Speciality oils for HORECA, high performance oils

Since my grandfather, Adolfo de las Heras Arriaga, started the company in 1886 more than 100 years have gone by… I can still remember how we would receive the oil in small quantities transported and packaged in sheepskin which were what was used at the time…. It is wonderful to have been witness to the evolution of our company, and to be able to see now what we have achieved and how far we have come with such effort, hard work and sacrifice. It has definitely been worth the effort.

Adolfo de las Heras Marín - Grandson of the original founder of ACEITES DE LAS HERAS


These are the 6 groups of oils that we currently sell:


  1. EXTRA VIRGIN Olive Oil

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
    Oil which is yellowy green in colour with an intense fruity flavour.

  2. OLIVE Oil

    Aceites de las Heras has three types of olive oil available for our customers:

    • Virgin Olive Oil
    • Refined olive oil + virgin olive oil:
      This is a blend of virgin olive oil and refined olive oil, it has a pleasant fruity flavour and is very aromatic. We have two types available: suave (light) & intenso (intense).
    • Pomace Olive Oil: (Oli de Sansa d’oliva):
      Pomace olive oil with extra virgin olive oil, with an intense green colour, sweet and slightly sweet on the palate. Highly recommended for frying.

    We have three types of sunflower oil available:

    • Refined sunflower oil
    • Refined seed oil
    • High oleic sunflower oil
  4. Special Oils for HORECA

    Vegetable oil, recomended for frying.

  5. GOURMET Oils

    Fruity & elegant Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced from early harvest olives from olive trees that are over 100 years old, and using 4 generations of experience we produce and market these oils under the brand name Nodus & Actum, brands that we currently use also for our prestigious wines.

  6. ORGANIC Oils

    We produce organic olive oil under our brand El Renegado.